Empowering Caregivers With More Responsive & Personalized Healthcare Services

UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES for Healthcare enables clinicians and caregivers to collaborate more effectively to create efficient and integrated cloud-based patient care and experiences.

Messaging. Voice. Video. File Sharing. Chat. Contact Center. Integrations. All-In-one. With UNIVERGE BLUE, your employees can be there without being there. Set your business up for success with the fully integrated communications platform that goes anywhere you go.

Improve Your Patients' Experience

Univerge Blue

Everything As A Service for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations, with UNIVERGE BLUE’s feature-rich highly available communications and infrastructure services, can achieve exceedingly connected environments where patients and care providers benefit from safe, secure, and assured connectivity and functionality.

Patient care becomes more immediate, dynamic, and adaptive while UNIVERGE BLUE’s cloud infrastructure services offer the reliability needed to support healthcare organization’s information intensive and compliance-controlled caseloads.

NEC Smart
NEC Smart

Why Univerge Blue Cloud Services For Healthcare

Care Team Iteration

  • Highly integrated communications and collaboration tools allow caregivers to interact effortlessly and share information more easily for more coordinated and attentive team care.

High Availability

  • Highly available infrastructure delivers multi-tiered resiliency for comprehensive protection of critical records and data vital for effective patient and facility management

Quick Response Time

  • Presence-based and call-routing communications quicken response time and gather caregivers promptly when situations demand swift and skilled attention.

Adaptive Services

  • Attendant services automate calls to reduce backlogs and provide correct answers to frequently asked questions by allowing patients, family, and visitors to self-manage their inquiries.

Discover How Univerge Blue

Can Promote Better Patient Care

Team Collaboration

  • Voice, web, and video conferencing for a greater healthcare provider and caregiver collaboration as well as patient well-being

Voice, Presence, & UC

  • Communications for a highly responsive healthcare environment and caregiver, patient, and loved one's interaction

Back Up & Archiving

  • Data archiving, management, and recovery for compliant protection and accessibility to confidential healthcare records


  • Flexible whenever, wherever communications for dynamic, adaptive, and cross facilities connectivity

Contact Center

  • Agent, attendant, and caller management and supervision for front-line attentive and tailored services


  • Safeguards against threats and failures for operational control and loss prevention, and enables full HIPAA compliancy

Integrated Communications

  • Integration of voice, chat, video conferencing, and contact center functionality into standard enterprise applications for streamlined caregiver accessibility


  • Schedule, host, record, and transcribe video meetings with up to 100 attendees for private, team, and institutional collaboration

File Sync & Share

  • Individual file backup, storage, antivirus, sharing, and synchronization for targeted information handling
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