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Commercial and Residential Alarm Systems

Protect people and property with security you can rely on. From simple installations to extensive projects, Empire Communications offers integrated security solutions based on award-winning technology and backed by superior support. Easy-to-use alarm systems integrate seamlessly with video cameras, smoke alarms, home automation devices, and more. We offer customizable solutions to address the challenges you face every day.

Bosch Integrated Security Solutions

Bosch selection of control panels are modern Internet appliances designed to easily integrate with access control, fire, home and building automation, IP video, and more. Your customers get complete peace of mind with only one system to learn, use and maintain. Plus, a single system lowers installation and maintenance costs, while enabling more robust security by intelligently linking each security and life safety domain.

Control Panels and Keypads

Bosch offers Integrated Security solutions for small applications to large, high security projects with numerous product series. However, Bosch Solution alarm panels are the latest technology and well-known for their reliability and quality. Their current range includes:

Bosch 6000 Series
The Solution 6000

The Solution 6000, is an integrated access and alarm system, with up to 144 zones, 16 access doors or readers & 256 users, Solution 6000 is your larger scale security solution. The Solution 6000 Access Control & Security System that has the alarm features you’ve always loved, with the access control capabilities you’ve always needed.

The Solution 6000 Access and Intrusion alarm panel offers an extensive feature list including integrated proximity, numerous wire free options, high speed windows programming software and the simplest user / installer interface on the market today.

Download a brochure of Bosch Solution 6000 to learn more.

Also, download the Bosch Solution 2000 3000 Quick Selection Guide to learn more about this line of products.

Bosch 3000 Series
Solution 2000/3000

Solution 2000 /3000 is the Bosch flagship residential and small commercial alarm panel with control options including touchscreens and the Remote Security Plus App.

Download a brochure of the Bosch Solution 2000/3000 to learn more.

PTK5507 PowerSeries TouchScreen Security Interface

The PowerSeries TouchScreen keypad delivers an easy interactive way to manage and control security systems - at the touch of a finger. Some of the features include:

  • 7" full color display
  • Slim modern design (800x480 resolution)
  • Intuitive LED indication of security system status
  • Picture frame feature
  • Clock feature
  • Output control
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customizable home screen and wallpaper
  • Menu user programming
  • Installer programming
  • Virtual keypad
  • SD card is not included
  • Compatible with PC1864, PC1832, PC1616 control panels
  • Available in 13 languages

Download a complete PTK5507 PowerSeries TouchScreen brochure to learn more.

Also, download the DSC_PowerSeries Neo Control Panels Data Sheet, and the DSC Guide to the complete product line to learn more.

HS2TCHP 7 inch TouchScreen Alarm Keypad with Prox Support

The PowerSeries Neo HS2TCHP TouchScreen presents yet another option as part of a broad range of PowerSeries Neo keypads for a primary interface to this revolutionary hybrid system. In keeping with PowerSeries Neo’s wide spectrum installation solutions, the HS2TCHP TouchScreen is designed with user-friendliness in mind. HS2TCHP TouchScreen stands out for its ease of installation, simplistic programming and user- friendly interfaces packaged in a clean, low-profile case in either white or black to easily blend into any décor. Some of the features include:

  • Responsive, high-resolution 7” (177.8 mm) full color touchscreen
  • Intuitive menu-driven interface for the user Configurable home screen
  • Built-in and easy-to-update digital picture frame using integrated SD card slot
  • Simplified programing of labels using QWERTY keypad
  • Clean, low-profile case in either white (HS2TCHP) or black (HS2TCHPBLK) blends into any décor
  • Quick-view LED status indicators (Ready, Armed, Trouble and AC Power)
  • Interactive Menu ready
  • I/O terminal
  • SD card GUI Local firmware update using SD card
  • Prox support (using MPT prox tags)
  • Multiple language support
  • Available in white or black
  • Approval Listings: FCC/IC, UL/ULC, SIA CP-01, CSFM

Download a brochure of the HS2TCHP TouchScreen Security Interface to learn more.

Also, download the DSC_PowerSeries Neo Control Panels Data Sheet, and the DSC Guide to the complete product line to learn more.

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